The Girl in the Tiles in Hell

Demon Minotaur by TheGreatDevin
Demon Minotaur by TheGreatDevin

I was on a farm with Gillian Anderson from the X-files. Suddenly, the ground went evil. Dogs were barking and growling and tentacles come out from the ground. They grabbed onto Gillian and pulled her underground. She was in a tiled labyrinth. A Minotaur demon was chasing her and trying to catch her. She fled into the tiles. The Minotaur demon saw that every tile looked the same: a little girl in a blue dress holding a baby lamb caringly. He started to smash the tiles in attempt to kill her but her spirit could always flee to another tile. In his frustration, the Minotaur monster turned into an old feeble man. The girl came out to comfort him.

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