The Unbeatable Enemy

Thor Wrestling Elli by Robert Engels (1919)
Thor Wrestling Elli by Robert Engels (1919)

I was outside my home playing around. Some kids from across the street came over and started throwing rocks at me. I got angry and threw rocks back but they persisted in harassing me. I started fighting with one of them. The fight started out not so serious and I was trying to wrestle with him and punch him. As it progressed however, the fight became more and more serious and I was attempting lethal attacks such as eye gouging. At one point I thought I killed the kid. Instead, he turned into a deranged skinny corpse-like man and still engaged in fighting me. I remember him saying something to the effect that He will never be defeated; he will always persist in fighting me no matter how much I damage him. As the fight raged on, it became more dangerous until I woke up.

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