Me in the Mirror

Girl in Mirror by Fox Harvard Photography
Girl in Mirror by Fox Harvard Photography

I was hanging out with a very beautiful girl in the bathroom. We were getting along so well and she had laid out everything I desired on the counter top. She was naked.  Her breasts were exquisite and her figure was incredible. Casually I looked at her in the mirror and that is when things began to appear different than what they seemed. For as I looked in the mirror, I saw only my naked self looking back at me. I tried not to think anymore of it. We played around some more before she asked me to sit down in a reclining chair. When I did, I felt that I couldn’t move. I struggled to get up but it was to no avail. Then I felt a pressure as something began to invade and thrust into me. The girl told me she was going to kill me. I was being raped and impaled to death.

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