Actaeon’s Haven

Artemis and Actaeon
Artemis and Actaeon

Anger, jealousy, resentment.  All these things I have felt as I suffer through a world of two duals.  To get the more favorable outcome only gives me temporary solace as I am drawn deeper into a game with no ultimate win.  Yet to lose this game can be strangely liberating.

I am Actaeon.  I have reached for the boon and have been destroyed.  Now in my obliteration, looking only at the world as it is without any wish for something different, I am happy.  I can smile at things for what they are.  My mind is at peace.  Yet the moment is brief.  In a blink, I will again be playing, winning, losing, and returning here: Actaeon’s Haven.

2 thoughts on “Actaeon’s Haven”

  1. Beautiful thoughts Daniel!

    There are ways but one too many
    Then there are one or none
    None is Not-one and also a New-one
    Vagaries of perception are but
    Travesties of deception
    No Thinkers and doers
    Winners and wooers
    Gone is the fright
    or urge to fight
    o what strange is this
    is worst of the wrongest
    as tis better than any right
    White over Grey or
    Grey over white,
    Black takes it all
    with all might
    thus begins the
    ascent of his flight
    to where zero is the sum
    and the sum are thee (Samadhi)

    1. Thank you. I also like your poem, it has good rhyming and cadence. Actaeon’s Haven was something I wrote in my early college years stemming from unrequited love. At that time it was easier to feel liberated from the losses that I perceived I felt. I was writing as one who was untested.

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