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dog shaman

Shaman Khorolkan of the Kambaghir tribe of the Evenk, first quarter of the nineteenth century (Illinois State Museum)
Shaman Khorolkan of the Kambaghir tribe of the Evenk, first quarter of the nineteenth century (Illinois State Museum)

dog shaman gnaws his soul to the bone,

his is not the highest, his is but to roam.

Does he ever make it home?

For him there is no grandeur,

he sleeps on the kitchen floor,

wags his tail then is no more.

Mighty Eagle and Bear don’t care,

They can go anywhere,

but They don’t know what it means to share.

Well, who knows what we’ll be in the end,

so from one dog to another, i’ll miss you old friend.

Trying to get to Transylvania

Weeping Willow by Willowomoon
Weeping Willow by Willowomoon

Frankenstein was a Jewish Transylvanian, I knew this because I heard his Hebrew name being sung sadly. I was watching a movie about an actor who was going there as a con artist. As a disguise, he bought a top hat and a cane. He had a meeting with some doctors after which he would be able to go to Transylvania. During the meeting, I took the actor’s place: now I was the con man. I didn’t know what to say. The doctors were talking about different kinds of thrombosis. The doctors discovered I was a fraud and told me to leave.

I realized my top hat was actually the hat of a civil war soldier. Walking the streets homeless, I wondered how I would get to Transylvania. There was a child playing in the street and I saved his life by pushing him out of the way of a car. I saw lots of Transylvanian symbols at a street shop. Nearby there were dancing gypsy women and I recognized that they were from Transylvania. My hat had a symbol of Frankenstein on it.

As I continued walking, the street became an ominous path by the sea. It was dark, there were drooping willow trees on the left side and the sea on the right. The ground was wet with many puddles. I kept walking hoping that this path would take me to Transylvania. A young boy came from behind and called to me saying that the road was dangerous. His teacher had been knocked over by a wave and pulled into the sea. Suddenly, a raging wind lifted me and the boy. I no longer saw him, I was being whisked away to Transylvania. There was a moaning gypsy woman calling as I tumbled through the air.

Returning to the Ruins of My Apartment

Overgrown Ruins
Overgrown Ruins

I was driving around when I came across a familiar neighborhood. There I found an apartment complex which I somehow recognized as the location of an old home where I once lived. I went inside to visit. The whole apartment complex had largely been reclaimed by nature. Plants and trees grew wild through the apartments and the halls.

I visited what was supposedly my old apartment. I went out to the backyard where there were many feral cats and dogs.  They were all vicious and aggressive. There was also a pool with a great white shark inside. I fell into the pool and the great white came after me. I used a pool floaty as a buffer between me and the shark. I had to constantly swim to maneuver the floaty between myself and the shark. He would come ramming against it full of force. Eventually, I got out of the pool and looked in. Now there was a cat on the floaty. This time the shark jumped from the water and ate the cat and floaty effortlessly. I was relieved it wasn’t me.

I went to the common pool area of the apartment complex and found a couple people relaxing in lawn chairs. I was surprised that they still inhabitated these abandoned ruins of an apartment complex. They seemed to scoff at me for thinking it was wild at all.