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Intruder Named Packet

Whalebud the Cat
Whalebud the Cat

I was with the family in when I heard the doorbell ring. Who would ring the doorbell at 1 am? Scared but curious I answered the door and there was nothing. My dad wanted me to forget about it but I worried. I turned on a lot of lights in the house. In my dad’s closet I found a bald white teenager hiding. He had come to steal from us? I asked him who he was and he said Packet. He refused to tell me more because the police would come.

My fight instincts came in and I grappled him to the ground. I couldn’t let go of him and I was calling my dad to get the police but he wouldn’t do it so I called for my mom to do it. I think my dad eventually called. I fetched my sword and bashed the intruder with it several times. The thief turned into my cat but I was not tricked so I bashed him a couple times. I had misgivings about being so violent towards him so I declared something like, ‘How would I use my sword for good’. He turned into a mouse which was much smaller. I said, if only you stole from us in mouse form, we wouldn’t even care how much you took. The police weren’t coming. I didn’t want to kill him but I was afraid if I let him go he would remember us and come back for revenge. I tried reasoning with him and calling him by his name, Packet.

He eventually did escape in the form of my cat. Then I saw him and my “real” cat in an epic chase in the yard. The two cats were chasing each other around and which one was which. Their chase went to the roof of a neighbor’s house and I could only watch from a distance, completely dumbfounded. Eventually the chase came back into our yard.  I tried swatting the one that seemed to be being chased a few times. Eventually, he tried to flee back into our house. My mom noted he had also been de-clawed like our cat. I think the resolving solution was just to adopt him as another cat.

* – We did not de-claw our cat, it was like that when we adopted it.  De-clawing cats is inhumane.

Notes on My Personal Interpretation of the Intruder Dreams:

In 2008, I had a bad experience while playing with my cat.  I was holding him in the air and he hissed loudly.  As I put him down, he went limp on the ground.  He had suffered a fatal heart attack.  It was a deeply traumatic experience for me.  My parents got another fat orange cat to help me cope with the loss.

Initially recording the dream, I thought that the intruder had turned into my present living cat.  On further reflection, however, it dawned on me that he was actually a manifestation of death and my cat that had died.

Intruder in the Yard

Whalebud the Cat
Whalebud the Cat

I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone in the backyard. She was mad at me saying I hadn’t spent enough time with her. She was going to go play pool with another man who she said was a friend. I said okay but deep down I was mad about it. I looked in the reflection of my cell phone and saw a man creeping past me.

I confronted the man and told him I was going to hold him and call the police. We struggled fiercely. We were locked in a grip on the ground. I tried eye gouging the man to stop him from struggling. I tried to call my dad and mom for help but they wouldn’t come. I became aware that my dad was reading the news and wasn’t taking my calls for help seriously.

I became aware that I was holding my cat in a death grip. I realized I must have been dreaming or was tricked by the intruder. I let go of him because I didn’t want to hurt my cat. I was still mad at my dad so we argued about it at dinner. He was arguing that no one took him seriously about his politics. I argued that he wasn’t taking my calls for help seriously.

The Unbeatable Enemy

Thor Wrestling Elli by Robert Engels (1919)
Thor Wrestling Elli by Robert Engels (1919)

I was outside my home playing around. Some kids from across the street came over and started throwing rocks at me. I got angry and threw rocks back but they persisted in harassing me. I started fighting with one of them. The fight started out not so serious and I was trying to wrestle with him and punch him. As it progressed however, the fight became more and more serious and I was attempting lethal attacks such as eye gouging. At one point I thought I killed the kid. Instead, he turned into a deranged skinny corpse-like man and still engaged in fighting me. I remember him saying something to the effect that He will never be defeated; he will always persist in fighting me no matter how much I damage him. As the fight raged on, it became more dangerous until I woke up.

The Girl in the Tiles in Hell

Demon Minotaur by TheGreatDevin
Demon Minotaur by TheGreatDevin

I was on a farm with Gillian Anderson from the X-files. Suddenly, the ground went evil. Dogs were barking and growling and tentacles come out from the ground. They grabbed onto Gillian and pulled her underground. She was in a tiled labyrinth. A Minotaur demon was chasing her and trying to catch her. She fled into the tiles. The Minotaur demon saw that every tile looked the same: a little girl in a blue dress holding a baby lamb caringly. He started to smash the tiles in attempt to kill her but her spirit could always flee to another tile. In his frustration, the Minotaur monster turned into an old feeble man. The girl came out to comfort him.

Koror Gloom

Trapped like a caged green bird

But what cage is it that surrounds me

Whose bars are made of the sadness of all things

Preventing to spread light angel wings.

Sorry little bird, you can’t fly free.

If I cannot fly free then I will sing the song of the zen flute bird,

Seldom known for seldom heard

Until the cage, the bars, and the wings

Fade away like soft sea foam.

Us and Them and Whom?

I believe in He.

You believe in Him

They believe in Whom?

So which one of us is wrong?

Should we fight about it?

Is that our doom?

They were once the same,

But we changed.

Are we still the same now?

If a long time passed

Where we were only fighting

Would we not be the same that day?

If that day were today,

I would cry that day.