jquery.tent for Simple Popups

I created a new jQuery plugin for handling simple pop-ups.  The plugin is called jquery.tent.  It is available here (https://github.com/danielbank/jquery.tent).  It is based off a tutorial by Keith Wood for making jQuery plugins (http://keith-wood.name/pluginFramework.html).  I highly recommend this tutorial because it explains things quite well and the code itself is really well written.

Usage of jquery.tent is simple:

1. Initialize a DOM element as a tent.



2. Set the tent options to control the location where the popup is shown.

$("#pop-up").tent('option', {left: 0, top: 0});


3. Show the pop-up.



4. Hide the pop-up.


Delta Function



is a




many mps

while yet

falls away

but i stand

atop seeing

– righteously –

and how high i am

isnt determined

by the height of it

but by how far i see

Koror Gloom

Trapped like a caged green bird

But what cage is it that surrounds me

Whose bars are made of the sadness of all things

Preventing to spread light angel wings.

Sorry little bird, you can’t fly free.

If I cannot fly free then I will sing the song of the zen flute bird,

Seldom known for seldom heard

Until the cage, the bars, and the wings

Fade away like soft sea foam.

Us and Them and Whom?

I believe in He.

You believe in Him

They believe in Whom?

So which one of us is wrong?

Should we fight about it?

Is that our doom?

They were once the same,

But we changed.

Are we still the same now?

If a long time passed

Where we were only fighting

Would we not be the same that day?

If that day were today,

I would cry that day.

Thoughts and Musings by Daniel Bank