Bad, Boogar, Bad

After enduring a million hells

Just to live and think once more

Still do you waste it?

Even if you had a glimmer

Still might lose the righteous path

Foolish chose the road of sorrow


At first the horrible agony,

Then some hope that maybe it can be saved.

Finally accepting the separation as inevitable,

Old connections become numb,

The bouts of phantom pain become more momentary than that instant.


Daniel Overlooking Ngardmau Waterfall
Daniel Overlooking Ngardmau Waterfall

As I look at the currently empty state of this blog, I become preoccupied with it’s future.  What will it turn out to be?  Will it be finished?  Will the inevitable mistakes I write in it destroy it’s good nature?  For the moment, it is just an empty blog, looking bleakly into a problematic future where my errors are commit to it with HTTP requests.  And for the moment, it is safe in it’s purity as an empty blog.  The hazardous journey it will undergo to become complete could lead it to an interesting account of the life and times of the enigmatic Boogar, or it could wind up a piece of trash, it’s  entries being no more than scribblings.

Yet if there was somehow a chance that the blog could choose it’s destiny, no doubt the answer would be to embark on this long and dangerous road to completion.  Now reflecting on the situation, I recognize the similarity between this blog and all humans travelling a long and dirty path whose endpoint is uncertain.  And as this blog begins that journey, so too do I.  May my life’s conclusion be a complete blog whose entries are filled with wonder, hope, and compassion.

Thoughts and Musings by Daniel Bank