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2048 Chess

2048 Chess:

I know I am about two years late to the 2048 Clone Wars, but I finally got around to finishing my variant, 2048 Chess.  Originally I wanted to have multiple chess pieces on a larger 2048 board.  What I ended up developing was simply the kings.  The gameplay doesn’t lead to terribly interesting strategy.  It’s ultimately a game of button mashing and luck.  Whatever, I’m calling it done: http://danielbank.github.io/2048-chess/.

Making a GitHub page for a forked repository that already has a gh-pages branch:

My biggest hurdle in finishing this project was when I attempted to view the GitHub page for the repository. GitHub was overriding the game’s index.html with an automatically generated GitHub page.  I found this incredibly useful StackOverflow question for fixing that problem.  The prescribed steps were to:

  1. Make a file called index.md.
  2. Edit the contents of index.md to be:
    layout: index
  3. Make a file called _config.yml.
  4. Edit the contents of the _config.yml to be:
    markdown: redcarpet
  5. Create a _layouts folder.
  6. Move your index.html into the _layouts folder.
  7. Commit the changes and push them to the gh-pages branch of your repository on GitHub.
  8. The automatically generated page should be replaced by your page when Jekyll generates it.
2048 Chess
2048 Chess