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The Jellyfish at Jellyfish Lake are being obliterated because they lost their sting

Jellyfish Lake by Jim Christensen
Jellyfish Lake by Jim Christensen

Do sad things happen to jelly fish?

Or am I just a tissue?

I wish I knew

It don’t matter though

There’s no way to really ever know

I would weep but it is too much for the tears to keep

I would cry but it is all over in the blink of an eye

Us and Them and Whom?

I believe in He.

You believe in Him

They believe in Whom?

So which one of us is wrong?

Should we fight about it?

Is that our doom?

They were once the same,

But we changed.

Are we still the same now?

If a long time passed

Where we were only fighting

Would we not be the same that day?

If that day were today,

I would cry that day.