Returning to the Ruins of My Apartment

Overgrown Ruins
Overgrown Ruins

I was driving around when I came across a familiar neighborhood. There I found an apartment complex which I somehow recognized as the location of an old home where I once lived. I went inside to visit. The whole apartment complex had largely been reclaimed by nature. Plants and trees grew wild through the apartments and the halls.

I visited what was supposedly my old apartment. I went out to the backyard where there were many feral cats and dogs.  They were all vicious and aggressive. There was also a pool with a great white shark inside. I fell into the pool and the great white came after me. I used a pool floaty as a buffer between me and the shark. I had to constantly swim to maneuver the floaty between myself and the shark. He would come ramming against it full of force. Eventually, I got out of the pool and looked in. Now there was a cat on the floaty. This time the shark jumped from the water and ate the cat and floaty effortlessly. I was relieved it wasn’t me.

I went to the common pool area of the apartment complex and found a couple people relaxing in lawn chairs. I was surprised that they still inhabitated these abandoned ruins of an apartment complex. They seemed to scoff at me for thinking it was wild at all.

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