Intruder in the Yard

Whalebud the Cat
Whalebud the Cat

I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone in the backyard. She was mad at me saying I hadn’t spent enough time with her. She was going to go play pool with another man who she said was a friend. I said okay but deep down I was mad about it. I looked in the reflection of my cell phone and saw a man creeping past me.

I confronted the man and told him I was going to hold him and call the police. We struggled fiercely. We were locked in a grip on the ground. I tried eye gouging the man to stop him from struggling. I tried to call my dad and mom for help but they wouldn’t come. I became aware that my dad was reading the news and wasn’t taking my calls for help seriously.

I became aware that I was holding my cat in a death grip. I realized I must have been dreaming or was tricked by the intruder. I let go of him because I didn’t want to hurt my cat. I was still mad at my dad so we argued about it at dinner. He was arguing that no one took him seriously about his politics. I argued that he wasn’t taking my calls for help seriously.

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